In order to achieve our vision, we must express gratitude. Thank you, to those of you who have been part of the journey leading up to the conception of Spirit Handpans, to those of you present for the birth of the company, and to those of you who will join us as we start this new chapter of building handpans.


A few special thank you's to:  

Active members of the Handpan Community. You continue to make this instrument sing and create a place for people to belong.

Family and Friends. You have guided, encouraged, and supported since the beginning of time. 

Soul Family. You have taught, healed, supported, and have shown that family is limitless. 

Teachers. You seed and water spiritual growth, inspire eagerness to  learn, and you make being human a little bit easier. 

Jon Antzoulis. You put a hammer in my hand and taught me how to hit steel with grace. Thank you for never giving up on me and showing me the path of steel.

William Bakst, Dante Bucci, and Jim Dusin. Spirits who have passed on that are held in the heart of Spirit Handpans.