It is very important to take proper care of your handpan in order to prevent damage, rust, and detuning.


Storing your instrument and using cases.

To prevent damage and detuning always store your handpan in a safe place where it can't be dropped or knocked into. Do not leave your handpan in a closed case for extended periods of time.

Spirit Handpans fit in a medium sized evatek, however, if you intend on flying frequently and would like to use a fly kit, Spirit Handpans will need to go into the large evatek with a fly kit.

Playing your new instrument.

Play gently. Rough playing of your handpan will detune it in a shorter period of time.

Only play with your hands. Mallets and other percussive tools are not recommended.

Be cautious about jewelry when playing. Bracelets, rings, etc. can scratch or damage your instrument and should be removed.

Don't play in direct sunlight. Your instrument will heat up and detune. It may also burn you!

Rust Prevention.

While Spirit Handpans are inherently much more resistant than raw steel, we still must take preventative action against rust.

Always keep your handpan properly coated in oil. Areas often forgotten are the port and the rim of the handpan. Froglube, Seal 1, or Phoenix oil are the recommended oils to coat your instrument. Apply a coat when it seems the previous coat has worn off. You can clean off old coats of oil with rubbing alcohol. Be extra attentive in humid weather. Do not forget to coat the rim and port as well as the surface of the two shells. 

If rust does appear, first try a light grade of steel wool with rubbing alcohol. The Miracle cloth removes rust very well in more extreme cases. Rub the rust off with the cloth and then clean with rubbing alcohol. Discoloration may occur. If rust should appear, immediately take action to remove the rust and then re-coat your instrument with Froglube or Seal 1.